STEVENS OF WICHITA KANSAS - Bought car, then suzuki of wichita took its bk

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bought a 2010 chevy cobalt ls.took it home had 4 two wks.

dealership called and said i DID NOT get approved after all and wanted to use their "in house" asked y they didnt do that b4 and got no response was reassured i would get to keep my car.. i got driven to my home by suzuki and WITHOUT my car.i pre qualified and qualified they were rude, mean and jackasses. I WAS TRICKED TO BRINGING MY CAR BACK TO THE DEALERSHIP DO NOT DEAL WITH DUSTY, CHICK HERNANDEZ OR TRAVIS. how can i NOT qualify?

the dealership called me 3 to 4 times a day wanting corporate number i work for a small time co. there IS NO corporate NONE the calls did not stop the entire 2 weeks i was ALLOWED to have my car. and i was not EVEN offered another car come to find out, the car i HAD was already in the works for someone else to drive home and i got SCREWED AND NO LUBRICANT.AND THEIR SLOGAN IS"DRIVE HOME WITH A HAPPY CAR" this happend feb of this yr (2013). i had to get another car that had soo many dang problems that i had to take THAT car back on my own.

i now truly drive a piece of Sh%$.and they say buying a car doesnt have to suck (they use that logo on their TV ads in Wichita ks)

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